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Fencing Taranaki Daryn Laurence Fencing

Fencing Contractors Taranaki

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D.W. Laurence Fencing.

Taranaki Fencing contractor Daryn Laurence Fencing

No job too big or small.

D.W. Laurence Fencing.

Taranaki Fencing contractors, Daryn Laurence Fencing Taranaki Region

Fencing Contractors Taranaki

Electric and Conventional Fencing.

Fencer Taranaki Daryn Laurence Fencing
Taranaki Fencing Contractor
Taranaki Fencing contractors Daryn Laurence Fencing
Taranaki Region Fencing Contractors

Fencing Contractors Taranaki

Looking for Fencing Contractors Taranaki then call D.W. Laurence Fencing. Everyone knows everyone in Taranaki. That’s why living and working in the provinces is so good … you just can’t beat local knowledge, happily shared.

Word gets around about this business and that operator, and before you know it, there are opinions galore on the correct way of doing something and who is the best chap or chappette for the job.

In rural Taranaki, one job you need done right is fencing. You don’t want to be wasting time fixing shoddy fences or rushing to set up new additions that may not last the distance.

What you do require are excellent fencing contractors to do the job properly.

You might have heard of us: We are D.W. Laurence Fencing, (Rolly’s the man to call) Fencing Contractors Taranaki and we know how to install a decent fence.

Local to North Taranaki (one of the prettiest, lushest parts of New Zealand) we are good keen (wo)men providing vital services to our full-on busy and demanding livestock industry.

Whilst building a wide range of strong fences to suit your needs, Rolly has created a solid business foundation with an FCANZ commitment to quality.

Taranaki born and bred, he has 20 years’ experience which has resulted in the accumulation of many ideas and suggestions of conventional, electric, post and rail, cattle and sheep yards and residential fencing.

Rolly has the right equipment for the job, including a 90 hp tractor – 4wd, generation 3; a post thumper side shift or rear mount options for those hard to get to places, plus a 4.3-meter-high mast shift. He’s proud to say he can thump up to 4-meter poles and can also sort post hole borers with his specialised cutting gear (for those tougher jobs in papa and sandstone where the ground is too hard to thump.)

Trench cutting is a breeze with Rolly’s tools and he maintains that cutting trenches 40ml wide and 500ml deep has minimal impact on the ground, is fast and efficient and creates less mess in gateways. Rolly uses a highly effective terra trencher for electric under-gate cables and can also be used to lay water pipes up to 32 – 40 ml.

Right throughout the province, dry stock, dairy cattle and sheep farmers are flat out from go to whoa. We supply large-scale farm fencing or even just a good sturdy set-up to contain your kid’s latest lamb ready for school show day.

D.W. Laurence Fencing Fencing Contractors Taranaki are the best team for the job when your best breeding bull needs a firm hand (and an even firmer fence) and keeping your horse on the right amount of tucker means having a portable and reliable fencing system in place.

Our team of Fencing Contractors Taranaki reckon fencing is a bit of an art. Get it wrong and you’ll end up with a cluster muck. Get it right by phoning us and breathe easy …  D.W. Laurence Fencing creates all the fence you’ll ever need.

Damn fine fencing at your fingertips


Phone: 027 4745 222

Email: sharn360@hotmail.com

Taranaki Fencing Contractors

Fantastic fencing just a phone call away.

Tell us to put a fence up, we’ll ask how long and how wide? We can design and install any type of fence for any purpose. Our team are experienced and versatile in their approach and you can be assured of a fence that is built to last the distance. From north to south Taranaki. That’s why people say we are best in the west when it comes to fencing.

Daryn Laurence can call on a team of additional contractors when required.

These guys have experience in a huge range of fencing arenas from backyards to the back blocks and beyond. The old saying no job too big or too small is very applicable to this team of trusty contractors … they can design a fabulous fencing solution for any tricky situation, in good time and at a pretty cool price.

We deal directly with the manufacturers of fencing products. That working relationship enables us to pass on some good deals to our customers and this, coupled with our design skills, is going to get you the fencing system you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s probable that our fencing already spans a few thousand kilometres of the country (just saying …) so you can trust us to have the experience required to ensure a great job.

Who’d have thought fencing could be as diverse and functional as our systems are?

We design, source and install:

  • Conventional Fences Taranaki.

What type of animal you need to fence is not the only deciding factor when it comes to fence design. Topography, availability of material, laws, soil and budget also dictate the design of a fence.

To suit a wide range of requirements, a wide range of fence designs have developed over time. The fences Daryn Laurence design will also balance effectiveness, economics and tradition.

The most common types of non-electric fences fall into three categories:

  • Multiwire, multi batten. These are often referred to as conventional fences and sometimes post and wire fences. (Sometimes these fences have some wires electrified)
  • Post and wire – no battens. Often just called post and wire fences. (Sometimes these fences have some wires electrified)
  • Netting. Often called Fabricated Netting fences.

Designing a fence can be a complicated task. Design is influenced by at least three of the following features:

  • Intended purpose – what are you keeping in or out
  • Topography – steep, flat, undulating
  • Soil type – Rocky, sandy, clay
  • Law – laws relating to boundary and roadside fences
  • Tradition – many farmers continue to do things because they have always done it that way
  • Location – Coastal areas offer some different problems with wear and tear on material
  • Budget.

Call us for a great design and excellent installation.

  • Electric Fences Taranaki.

Installation of Electric fence units and Earthing systems.

  • Equine Horse Fences Taranaki.

Our fences provide your beloved equine friends with a durable, highly visible, un-jumpable system to keep them safe and secure. Is there such a thing as a bomb-proof pony? If you’re not sure, why risk a sudden fright and attempt to escape?  D.W. Laurence Fencing also knows how often you’re out there moving fences for optimum grazing, so we supply easy portable break-feed systems as well.

Don’t sit on the fence with this argument, call us instead!


Phone: 027 4745 222

Email: sharn360@hotmail.com

Fencers Taranaki Daryn Laurence Fencing
Fencing Contractors New Plymouth Taranaki Region
Daryn Laurence Fencing Taranaki
Fencing Contractors Taranaki Area
Taranaki Region Daryn Laurence Fencing
Fencing Taranaki Daryn Laurence Fencing
Taranaki Area Fencing Contractors
Fencing Contractors Taranaki

Fencers Taranaki Region.

We’ll fence Taranaki-wide.

We are happy to travel far and wide to share our experience and ideas on the best, most functional and efficient fencing system for you.

D.W. Laurence Fencing are based in North Taranaki but we also service most of the entire Taranaki region, from Ahititi to Stratford to Opunake.

This includes:

  • New Plymouth
  • Urenui
  • Tikorangi
  • Lepperton
  • Inglewood
  • Omata
  • Oakura
  • Okato

Just call our team and we’ll pop out for a chat (and a cuppa if you’re offering).

We fence far and wide

Subdivisions Taranaki Region.

Let us help you unlock your property’s potential.

Changes to subdivision rules provide you with the opportunity to increase the value of your property investment by subdividing your section.

D.W. Laurence Fencing can help you figure out where to start and how to proceed – so you can achieve your financial goals. Let us share our experience, knowledge, and expertise and guide you through the subdivision process.

Our strong working knowledge of council regulations and requirements will smooth out the systems for you, then put new boundaries in place.

We provide a complete subdivision solution with ongoing support throughout the application and approval process.

  • Boundary relocation between adjacent farms
  • Subdivision of residential blocks – rural and urban
  • Preparation and submission of applications and proposals for council approval
  • Partner with specialist consultants and consult with local authorities, iwi representatives, and statutory bodies as required.


Please contact us using the details below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Daryn Laurence Fencing

640 Inland North Road, RD43,

Waitara 4383

Phone: 027 4745 222

Email: sharn360@hotmail.com


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